Our 9 Step Mobile Application Development / Deployment process hits a Home run for you – every time! Whether we do this in 40 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days , 4 weeks or 4 months – our process delivers sound, quality, customer / user informed, iterative, affordable, rapid, quality results on budget, and on time.

As shown in our visual above – we employ a 9 step, sound, agile, iterative process that is managed by our team of Certified professionals that have 1 or more of the following certifications:

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Public Accountant (Emphasis in Information Systems development, deployment and business applications)

PMP (Project Management Professional)

Our 9 Step Process (Click on each link for more detail):

  1. Consulting 
  2. Iterative Ideation
  3. ‘Automated’ Agile / Iterative Paper Mockups (**we use a tool from Marvel Software)
  4. Agile Technical Design – Data , UI/UX Design / Process Design
  5. Development Proposal – Iterations of your idea – into development Sprints (to deliver working software!)
  6. Daily Development Builds / Embedded ‘User’ Feedback Loop
  7. Iterative Alpha Deployments (Weekly generally)
  8. Iterative Beta Deployments to broader user community with integrated user feedback loop
  9. Iterative Production deployments